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A day in the life of Gerald Johnson




Office and Facilities Coordinator

Time at the clearing:

4 years

I was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and am a Washington Football Team (formerly, the Redskins) fan. I enjoy seafood, traveling, and listening to soul music (R&B and some Hip-Hop). I am a father to one son, and my zodiac sign is Cancer.

My Typical Day:

  • My primary responsibilities include maintaining office furniture, setting up A/V equipment for client sessions, overseeing office supply inventory, and ensuring all office equipment is functioning and regularly serviced. In response to COVID-19, additional responsibilities include installing hand sanitizing stations at all entry points, installing air purifiers, and creating office seating that maintains COVID/social distancing guidelines.

  • I prepare coffee, conduct inventory, and restock the supply room. I check emails for upcoming meetings and events and set up conference rooms. While the meetings and/or events are taking place, I ensure catering is delivered by the designated time and set up food for clients.

  • After the meetings and events, I break down the conference rooms and start the cleanup process. Any leftover food is placed in the catering kitchen for staff members to enjoy and interact.

  • By the end of the day, I ensure conference room chairs and tables are arranged neatly in the conference rooms or storage.