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Organizational Strategy Consulting

Proactive strategy development services that align your team against the fewest, most important goals to meet your mission.

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Stop-Start-Continue Framework
What got you here, won’t get you there. The Clearing’s Stop-Start-Continue Framework allows organizations and teams to identify what current behaviors are supporting or hindering their desired culture. 


Organizational leaders face competitive challenges and opportunities daily. Stalled growth, misaligned teams, missed objectives, and cloudy goals are just a few of the symptoms that arise from broken strategic processes. Corporate strategy best practices ensure challenges and opportunities are met quickly and effectively, increasing the impact on your customers, your people, and your mission.

Our Services

The Clearing’s organizational and corporate strategy consultants approach strategic change and transformation in an agile and actionable way, combining innovative thinking with our clients’ expertise to develop pragmatic solutions that stick. Specifically, we identify the root of your challenge or opportunity, roll up our sleeves, and keep working until we’ve created the strategy solution that works for you.

Organizational Strategy Implementation
The Clearing provides forward-looking management strategy consulting services to increase organizational . . .

Agile Change Management
The Clearing’s agile change management consultants help our clients “lead through change” by: . . .

Organizational Strategy Facilitation Services
The Clearing’s strategy facilitation services help clients design and run successful in-person or virtual . . .

Strategic Communications
The Clearing’s strategic communications consultants are skilled at developing . . .

Program/Project Management
The Clearing’s approach to project and program management focuses on identifying and delivering the . . .

Organization Design and Development
The Clearing combines data science, social science, and visual tools in a manner uniquely suited for the . . .

The Clearing’s facilitation skills are exceptional and they led us through a series of exercises and discussions that resolved issues that had been holding us back for a long time.
President of a Leading Health Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your organization finds itself repeating similar mistakes, stalled without a clear sense of how to accomplish an objective, or seeing a retrenchment in key performance areas, an organizational strategy consultant can bring a fresh eye to your challenges.

Our organizational strategy experts combine data science, social science, and visual tools in a manner uniquely suited for large system leadership. Our team members blend training, communications, measurement, and facilitation experiences that allow measurable results to be achieved in faster time across diverse participants.

Our clients report that our Solution Area-based service model allows for the fluidity required to address these challenges as part of a holistic organizational solution.

The Clearing believes that starting strategy development by building a solution to the specific needs of the people facing the challenge is a best practice. The Clearing’s inter-solution begins by gathering upfront stakeholder perspectives, which is critical to how our experts facilitate the strategic planning process. Below is a brief overview of our three-pronged approach:

  • Align & Build: Assess gaps, innovate solutions, and build capacity
  • Communicate & Engage: Empower individuals to exercise initiative and cultivate ownership of CX
  • Strengthen & Repeat: Sharpen the capacity to sustain and identify how to improve effectiveness

Organizational capabilities must shift as customer and employee demand dictates. If you find your capabilities are hindering your organization’s ability to provide the workplace or customer experience needed for all parties to thrive, consider enlisting support to determine the path and execute the plan to get there.

A few examples of when strategic consulting services may be useful to your organization include when:

  • An organizational strategy must shift to meet changing customer demands and/or new mandates.
  • Staff cannot meet customer demand due to lack of engagement or alignment with organizational goals.
  • Siloed leaders don’t understand or aren’t aware of larger organizational goals — or how they can contribute to them.
  • Leadership skills gaps impact organizational performance.

  • Stop Start Continue Framework: A downloadable change management prioritization toolkit
  • Power Mapping: A stakeholder engagement mapping tool to help understand who will be impacted by change
  • More to come!