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Customer Experience

Evolving goals, changing metrics, growing pains: every leader will face moments that require a shift in strategy. How your organization strategically adapts to today’s changes set the tone for the future.



As society’s needs evolve, government agencies must rise to meet new customer demands. Across government, only 21% of today’s customer needs are met on the first attempt. Eventual resolution often comes via more expensive channels such as phone calls and in-person visits.


We put the end-user at the center of our process — because if you don’t consider your customer when developing a product or service, you may end up wasting precious funds on something that doesn’t serve its intended purpose.

Adopting a Customer Experience (CX) focus will help your organization create a more satisfying employee experience, reduce frustration for customers, and become better stewards of taxpayer dollars.

To achieve these outcomes, our teams push the boundaries on what is possible for our clients and use CX tools like Customer Personals and Human-Centered Discovery to ensure effective results. For our federal partners, we help you develop the right CX strategy to improve customer satisfaction scores and employee engagement while moving toward Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goal compliance.


Brand & Identity

Your organization’s brand is a collective emotional and cognitive perception your customers form based on your customer experience strategy and their interactions with your people, processes, systems, and countless other interactions. To succeed, your brand must evolve to meet your customer’s needs at every touchpoint along their customer journey.

We offer a variety of brand services including:

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Logo & Visual Identity Creation
  • Brand Training
  • Marketing Support

CX Organization Design

Organizational design is both an art and a science. Your organization’s cultural, structural, social, and technical elements serve as the building blocks that determine whether your processes and behaviors will support your organization’s ability to accomplish its mission and realize its vision.

The Clearing’s CX consulting services ensure that your organizational design focuses all available resources on the most important aspects of business and customer needs. Concentrating on the fewest, most critical elements will reveal an organizational structure that creates the space for leaders and employees to better serve customers and provide results.

CX Strategy

Every single brand interaction shapes your customer experience. How do you know you’re delivering the experience they want?

The Clearing helps clients create an intentional customer experience (CX) strategy by defining, planning, and codifying an organization-wide customer experience improvement approach that supports your organization’s goals.

CX Transformation & Change

Transforming your customer experience requires leaders to view their business holistically through a customer’s lens and make the incremental changes required to improve.

Our customer experience consultants help organizations transform their values, structures, operations, technology, and culture to mature their CX capabilities by creating an environment that focuses on the customer and delivers a high-quality customer experience at scale.

Data & Research

The Clearing’s data and research consultants use data to understand complex operational systems and resolve observed challenges.

Our methodology analyzes available data to understand the current state of your system and identify the key interventions that will help you achieve your outcomes.

Our team of expert research consultants can also help identify additional sources of data that will unlock additional insights and track key performance indicators to determine if designed interventions are working.

IT Modernization

IT modernization efforts often fail when leaders do not fully consider the full range of the human aspects involved in implementation, which range from buy-in and adoption challenges to training and usability issues.

The Clearing’s IT strategy consultants provide the necessary change management, communication, and program and project management support during digital transformations and IT migrations that address the human side of change. We partner with our clients to offer user-based requirements gathering, IT usability testing, training, communication products, and technology adoption strategies for large-scale technology rollouts.

Product Development

Our product development approach supports clients tasked with digital transformations, communications integration, and customer-centric technology improvements, helping organizations and government agencies to better react to their changing customer and federal priorities by creating enterprise-wide agility.

Our product development offerings include:  

  • Designing & Implementing a Product Management Process
  • Wireframing to Rapid Prototyping
  • User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI)

Experiential Visual Design

The Clearing places a visual design mindset at the heart of our consulting services. This design mindset is critical to our people-first approach and drives our ability to establish meaningful and impactful business outcomes for our clients.

Our designers and visual consultants specialize in various creative fields and have extensive experience in strategic storytelling. This skillset allows us to distill complex and technical narratives into easily accessible visual products suitable for dissemination across traditional and digital communications.


Solution Spotlight
CX Spark™: Our CX Maturity Assessment
Identify and solve your Customer Experience (CX) challenges with greater efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging The Clearing’s CX assessment.

Your company has made a difference in millions of lives. Our agency would not be able to successfully transform the way we operate without your focus on delivering greater value to the American public and your expertise in CX and organizational change.

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