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As organizations change, so do their leadership needs. We can help you identify the leaders with the right combination of skills and capacities needed to carry your organization forward.



Whether introducing new products or navigating a crisis, leaders must tackle complex issues and ensure their teams address challenges with effectiveness, empathy, and speed. Developing and sustaining a strong team of leaders with the capacity to meet organizational goals requires continual investment and commitment.


The Clearing works closely with executives and their teams to bring new perspectives and frameworks to help overcome challenges and drive next-level performance.


Coaching Services

The Clearing offers customized leadership coaching services as a catalyst or complement to our individual and business transformation services.

Our one-on-one leadership consulting supports managers and executives seeking to align their behaviors and actions with achieving critical results important to their personal and organizational success.

Tailored workforce development solutions can support a leader’s professional growth journey at different career points and can be deployed ad hoc or as a part of a larger leadership strategies development program.


The Clearing offers stand-alone workforce development courses that can be custom-designed to address topics that present complex challenges to government and private-sector leaders today.

Our workforce and employee training classes are taught by certified coaches and seasoned trainers who bring best practices from both private and public sectors to develop leaders who can meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Solution Spotlight

Our Training Catalog

The Clearing’s training program evolved over the last decade and is derived from high-impact work with over 600 senior leaders across a variety of industries. Rooted in our experience first as consultants, our trainers work with you to design a program that leverages a variety of methods to provide the tools participants can use to lead powerfully as individuals. Sessions provide participants the opportunity to reflect on and apply their learning to current situations, strengthening their ability to manage complexity and competing priorities, guiding teams towards success, shifting high performers toward leadership roles, and more.

I appreciate your ability to pivot during this time and to provide training that is both relevant and timely. This opportunity opened a lot of people’s eyes and minds as they realize what they have access to, even being remote.