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Leadership Development

As organizations change, so do their leadership needs. The Clearing empowers your leaders with the skills and capacities needed to carry your organization forward. Tailored leadership development solutions support a leader’s professional growth at different career points and can be deployed ad hoc or as a part of a larger leadership coaching and development program.

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Our custom training sessions provide participants the opportunity to reflect on and apply their learning to current situations, strengthening their ability to manage complexity and competing priorities, guiding teams towards success, shifting high performers toward leadership roles, and more.

Solving Leadership Challenges

Every day, leaders must tackle complex, novel business and staff issues with effectiveness, empathy, and speed. In the face of these challenges, the organization that invests in developing and sustaining a strong team of leaders will be better positioned to meet its goals.

Our Leadership Development Services

The Clearing builds leadership development programs for individual executives and their teams to help them overcome challenges and drive next-level performance.

Leadership Coaching Services
The Clearing offers a wide variety of customized leadership coaching services as a catalyst or . . .

Leadership Training
The Clearing offers stand-alone workforce development courses that can be customized to address the unique learning needs of . . .

That was an extremely well-done training — one of the best I’ve ever done in my career.
Executive, Federal Government

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Discover New Knowledge: When your teams need to learn a new skill that they haven’t practiced yet.
  • Address Competency Gaps: When you need to help your teams upskill their competencies in certain areas.
  • Elevate Performance: When you want your teams to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindsets to enhance their productivity and performance.

Yes, offering leadership development opportunities for non-managers can be highly beneficial. The Clearing’s programs empower employees at all levels to develop essential leadership skills, fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and accountability. Additionally, nurturing leadership qualities in non-managerial staff can enhance teamwork, decision-making, and overall organizational effectiveness.

Our leadership development experts work with your team to identify your training needs to customize your experience. The Clearing also offers a wide variety of leadership courses covering topics that present complex challenges to leaders today.

The leadership classes are taught by experienced trainers and certified executive coaches who have subject matter expertise in leadership best practices from across private and public sectors to develop executives capable of meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

Effective leadership coaching programs help your organization:

  • Improve  awareness of risk and blind spots
  • Increase the span of influence across an organization
  • Improve work efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expand awareness of how to manage the effects of external influence
  • Improve change management abilities
  • Increase outcome and goal achievement

Based on our decades of experience, the Clearing’s leadership development consultants use the following leadership development tools:

  • The PRIMES principles of group dynamics ©2018
  • Gallup’s CliftonStrengths™
  • The Leadership Circle Profile FIRO-B ®
  • Thomas Killman Instrument (TKI)
  • Organization Transformation Index (OTI)