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A day in the life of Andrea Reyes




Senior Consultant

Time at the clearing:

5 years

I was born in Lima, Peru and came to the U.S. with my parents and brother when I was 11 years old. I didn’t know the language or culture, but I slowly adjusted, and here I am almost 20 years later. Over those two decades, I made it through undergrad, grad school, got married, and now my husband and I are welcoming our first child. Professionally, I started in operations after college, but later, I realized I wanted to work more closely with clients and help develop creative solutions, which is when I joined The Clearing. Since then, I have found a tight-knit community of awesome and hardworking people who I get to work with every day.  

My Typical Day:

  • I’m currently working on and managing two projects -- one involves supporting a Federal agency through change management and communications as they transition into their swing/renovated spaces. The other project consists of supporting the development of leaders of a local government agency. Between client work, I assist our company’s proposal and business development efforts as well as our HR department by onboarding new staff.

  • I like to take time in the morning to have breakfast with my husband before we both head off to a full day of work. Once I hop online, I like to check and respond to any outstanding emails, check in with my team, and prepare for my meetings.

  • I try to be strict about taking time to eat lunch with my husband every day so that I can take a break before my afternoon begins. After that, if I’m not in client meetings, I like to dedicate heads-down time to work on deliverables and tasks for my projects. As a Project Lead, I also review our project hours and financials (especially at the end of a pay period) to ensure we are on the right track. I typically close my day by reviewing my calendar for the following day and the rest of the week to see how I can best prioritize my work.

  • After work, I like to get some exercise and/or house chores done, including cooking dinner with my husband. Later on, if I have a busy morning the following day, I like to prepare any emails for the morning or complete any pressing administrative tasks. Otherwise, you’ll find me unwinding by watching my favorite shows on my couch.