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Workplace Change

The Clearing’s workplace change management practice ranges from current space renovations to organizational relocations. We help our clients navigate the entire lifecycle of workplace change from idea to implementation, focusing on the human element to achieve a successful transition into the future workspace.

Our Workplace Practice

The Clearing manages the social complexity of bringing teams and organizations through workplace changes, partnering closely with leaders, end users, project planners, architects, designers, and vendors from the outset. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we know that if the only voices promoting a change are senior executives, then the process is bound to fail. By engaging and soliciting employee perspectives and communicating frequently and transparently, the workforce is more invested in and open to the workplace change. The Clearing’s leadership strategy on these efforts enables all stakeholders involved to focus on their vital work crafting the physical space and positions organizational leaders for a successful space and culture transformation.

The Workplace Journey

Every workplace transformation is a journey that can be measured in five phases starting with an analysis of the current state, visioning for the future environment, and closing with settling into new space and ways of working. A successful transformation is grounded in strong governance and change management, creating a cohesive program of communications, stakeholder engagement, training, and program management and integration.

As your change management partner, The Clearing brings expertise in stakeholder communication and engagement, best practices in move/renovation preparation, and facilitation support to business process analysis, technology assessments, records management and digitization campaigns, and analyzing the return on investment. See our change management practice in action by viewing the Case Study below.

Workplace Phases

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Workplace Visioning

Workplace transformations begin with a vision. How leadership expects employees to work together, engage in their workspace, and optimize the space to meet the organizational mission should influence every conversation and decision related to the transformation. We partner with leaders to define a vision for the future that is grounded in data, employee and customer experiences, and business needs.

Change Readiness Assessment & Strategy

Generating genuine enthusiasm, reducing resistance, and mitigating risk with employee-focused and responsive solutions are central to workplace projects. We survey the workforce and critical stakeholders to assess readiness for the proposed change and tailor a change strategy to address identified challenges, leverage excitement for the future, and shape the desired workplace culture.

Workforce Communications & Engagement

Effective communication and engagement are essential components of successful workplace projects, especially those that promote new levels of workforce mobility. Our communications framework is grounded in creating a simple and consistent message and delivering it regularly and reliably. Employee engagement anchors transformation by defining opportunities for input and feedback and inviting stakeholders to the table to solve discrete problems or challenges in service of their new ways of working.

Training & Outfitting

Workforce success in the new work environment demands easy access to new information and ways of operating. We develop tailored training sessions and guides to outfit employees with the knowledge and skills to use new spaces, tools, and technology as well as operate, manage, and lead in a hybrid workplace.

People & Space Preparation

On top of designing and constructing the future space, the existing space needs to be prepared for the transition. We partner with clients to help create and implement a strategy for cleaning out old equipment and paper, digitizing and organizing paper records, outfitting the workforce on packing and move processes, and decommissioning the existing space.

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