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The path to successful and sustainable outcomes is rarely straight, and it requires partners that think creatively and can pivot on a dime. Our group of leaders understand this. As such, we foster a people-first culture, blend cutting-edge theory with practical solutions, and deliver livable strategies for complex problems.



Tara Carcillo
President and Chief Executive Officer
Wendy Reid
Chief Operating Officer
Kristen Booth
Yasmeen Burns
Director and Solution Designer
Paige Douglass
Robyn Klem
Director of Visual Consulting
Jason Miller
Director and Solution Designer
Sonya Patel
Director and Solution Designer
Ashley Rosecrans
Human Resources Director
Nick Srebrow
Aubrey Waldock
Director of Marketing
Theresa West


Chris McGoff
John Miller

Senior Staff

Sharon Benjamin
Senior Principal
Larry Danner
Senior Principal
Chris Dietz
Senior Manager for Technology and Digital Services
Patti Engstrom
Senior Principal
Rebecca Gaynor
Senior Principal
Evan Isaacs
Project Management & Controls Manager
Andrew Marin
Senior Advisor
John Moore
Senior Principal
Regina Perkins
Timothy Rund
Senior Principal
Jonathan Spector
Senior Principal
Rasheedah Stephens
Senior Manager for Office Operations
Jen Vanmeter
Senior Principal
Shkan Woodruff
Senior Contracts Manager
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