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A clearing is where possibilities exist.


It’s the metaphorical space our consultants create when clients have critical outcomes to achieve. A clearing is a safe place where people can think critically, challenge assumptions, and create strategies; it’s where psychological safety, empathy, and deep curiosity thrive. “Fewest, most important” is a guiding principle, where only what is essential to success is included. Most importantly, it is a space where people are at the center of every action.

Consulting veterans Chris McGoff and John Miller were inspired by the idea of creating “clearings” where teams could tackle critical challenges and in 2009, they founded The Clearing to enact that vision.

Chris and John recognized that leaders are surrounded by steady distractions in the modern workplace. Constant noise makes it difficult to find the space needed to think intentionally and lead strategically. Leaders often believe they need to be right all the time and have all the answers. There’s no room for vulnerability.

A clearing is a safe place where people can think critically, challenge assumptions, and create strategies.

The Clearing pioneered a different way. Leaders began coming to The Clearing for support in their change and transformation efforts, learning that exploring vulnerabilities often leads to impactful discovery. They learned how adaptability, an empathetic approach, and operating with integrity — along with the relentless pursuit of fulfilling unmet customer needs — generates peak performance.

Today, our people-first culture continues to drive people-centered outcomes, attracting customers and consultants who want to make a difference to causes that matter. Together, they’re applying our dynamic approach to society’s most complex problems and implementing transformation that sticks.

We stand for outcomes. Let us create a clearing for yours.


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