CX Spark

The Clearing’s Customer Experience (CX) Maturity Assessment

Identify and Solve Your Customer Experience (CX) Challenges

The Clearing’s CX Spark™ assessment is a dynamic tool that gives leaders a comprehensive view of their organization's customer experience landscape. Specifically, the virtual assessment helps quantify an organization’s current level of CX maturity to understand how well it is meeting its customers’ needs by focusing on five critical focus areas.


With CX Spark’s™ insights, any leader will be equipped to take immediate action to enhance an organization’s customer experiences, boosting satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. 

Whether you're a small business, a large enterprise, or a government agency, CX Spark™ empowers you to redefine and improve your CX initiatives.

How It Works: CX Spark™ in Action

Select a plan that works best for the organization
Complete the secure, 10-minute online assessment
Receive the CX Spark™ data report and initial action plan on how to improve the organization’s customer experience
Schedule a personalized coaching session(s), workshop(s), or tailored implementation plan (as applicable)

What You’ll Receive

A benchmark report that establishes the organization’s current maturity level across the 5 research-based areas of focus for CX success

Insights into a CX change effort based on the organization’s unique data

Suggested high-impact, quick wins that will improve the organization’s CX efforts

When to Consider CX Spark™

Strategic Planning

New Initiative Building

Employee Satisfaction

Customer Churn & Satisfaction

Regulatory Compliance


CX Spark™ offers a tiered pricing structure that presents different levels of benefits and services to best suit an organization’s needs.


Individual Tier

One Participant 

Report +

Individual Coaching

Designed for individuals seeking a personalized and focused experience. Experience CX Maturity Model assessment tool, receive a comprehensive report, and enjoy a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session to explore tailored strategies for improvement. Elevate your journey with us today.


Basic Tier

Up to 50 Participants 

Report Only

Get access to our powerful CX Maturity Model assessment tool, and receive a comprehensive report detailing your results and actionable steps. Take charge of your growth and achieve your goals today.


Mid Tier

Up to 200 Participants 

Report +

Coaching Session for 10

Gain exclusive access to our CX Maturity Model assessment tool and receive a detailed report outlining your results and actionable steps. 10 participants will also receive a 30-minute coaching session to delve deeper into the report findings, address any specific questions or concerns, and chart a path towards CX excellence. Level up your customer experience journey today.


Enterprise Tier

Up to 1000 Participants 

Report +

½ day Workshop for 25

Designed for larger organizations, providing participants with the CX Maturity Model assessment tool and a comprehensive report. Additionally,  25 participants gain access to an interactive half-day workshop. Participants  will benefit from in-depth insights, best practices, and tailored sessions to address your organization's specific needs and drive impactful change. Elevate your organization's success with our enterprise tier today.


Enterprise Tier

Choose Your Participants 

Full Package

This premium-tier option offers the most comprehensive experience. Participants receive the CX Maturity Model assessment tool, and a comprehensive report. They also have a 30-minute coaching session for individual guidance. Furthermore, they gain access to tailored consulting engagements, including additional coaching sessions, consultation calls, workshops and exclusive resources.

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