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Employee Spotlight: Steven Moyo


Steven Moyo

Date Published

May 10, 2024
4 minute read
Steven Moyo

We’re proud to welcome Senior Principal Consultant Steven Moyo to The Clearing. With experience spanning a military career followed by 15 years in management consulting, Steven brings a unique perspective to our work in client delivery. Below, we’ll get to know Steven in his own words and hear how his time in the Army shaped his approach to consulting.

I served eight years as an Army Officer, with combat and non-combat experience across operations, leadership, and performance excellence. Since entering the civilian workforce, I have spent 15 years in management consulting. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work across various industries, particularly healthcare and technology.

I credit my time in the Army with informing how I approach my work in client delivery and driving change – especially in three key areas.


The first is an appreciation for leadership. I was fortunate to observe strong leaders throughout my service and believe the best ones do three things very well: set the example, enforce the standard, and work for the collective good. When I work with clients, I use these principles when discussing leadership and always try to impart a lesson of my own: anyone, in any role or position, can and should be a leader.

Operational Excellence

Second, I believe in the importance of operational excellence. This is driven by clarity in roles, responsibilities, and expected outcomes and results in high performance across organizations. Since arriving at The Clearing, I have found that our Team Agreement Framework to be a great way to help clients begin this journey.


Finally, I find great value in fostering a culture that recognizes “we are all green” – as in the color of the Army uniform – and our collective differences in background, skills and abilities should all be molded into the pursuit of common organizational goals. While the “green” part no longer applies, the principle of fostering an intentional culture is critical no matter the sector or industry.

As I settle into my new role at The Clearing, I am finding these three lessons to be as important as ever. Part of my role here is to pursue and drive growth opportunities for the firm. My previous experience has allowed me to fully understand the business development cycle, from the identification of opportunities to submitting proposals.

Even with this knowledge, I recognize the need to not only work with a team to achieve The Clearing’s growth goals, but to also train and educate those who may be less experienced. This deliberate effort to bring along team members at The Clearing as I go through the business development process is deeply rooted in the Army notion of never leaving anyone behind, which encompasses each of the critical lessons I carry with me.

If you have similar lessons to share, I would love to hear them. You can reach me anytime at