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A Day in the Life of Colin Wills


A Day in the Life
of Colin Wills

3 Years

What attracted you to TC?

The style. The TC brand represents an appreciation for individuality with a commitment to a collaborative culture. From my interviews as a prospective candidate, I sensed a true interest from my future colleagues that they had a keen interest in what unique skills and experiences I had that would help support their work while building my own brand. TC welcomes you beyond the work – the focus on who we are as humans and the unique traits we possess is woven into the unique style that comprises TC.

What keeps you at TC?

Ownership. TC has surrounded me with people who have true excitement for my growth and are willing to contribute to it each and every day, in any way possible. I’ve had ownership of my career path, with my superiors encouraging me to pursue avenues of interest that grow my skill set as a consultant.

What is your typical TC day like?

My mornings start off with a daily 15-minute sync with my project leader to ensure we’re aligned on project initiatives, deliverables, and meetings for the day. Once we’re aligned internally, late mornings often entail facilitating meetings with our clients, driving towards identifying the current-state landscape of the organization, and discussing potential strategies to steer towards the ideal future-state.

If my schedule permits, I will set aside time in the afternoon to focus on heads-down work based on the conversations and meetings we held with clients that day or from prior engagements. This time entails producing various slide decks and documents that outline our understanding of the information we’ve gathered thus far, providing a framework that encapsulates our human-centered approach and methodology to working with the client, and details a strategic roadmap to get us from their current-state to their ideal future-state.

On a daily basis, before logging off for the day, it is my goal to ensure my team and I are aligned for any early client deliverables or meetings the following day. Often, I will draft agendas and solidify the intended purpose and outcomes of my client meetings that are scheduled for the following morning. The project I support involves working with a federal government agency where our goal is to drive a comprehensive Culture Transformation Effort of a new and evolving organization within the agency.

In what ways have you grown since being at TC?

Confidence. Controlling the room and the mic with a client can be intimidating as a young professional at first, but during my tenure at TC I’ve garnered full confidence in my ability to pop into any client meeting or engagement and drive the conversation to tangible action and outcomes.

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