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A Day in the Life of Melissa Stites


A Day in the Life
of Melissa Stites

Senior Graphic Designer
4 Years

What attracted you to TC?

My initial attraction to TC was that we value the human, first and foremost. Working alongside a group of hard-working people who also understand that we all have lives outside of our profession is extremely refreshing, which makes me want to be a better co-worker and colleague at The Clearing. I came from a very different field at a corporate medical insurance company where we solely worked on very templated design work. Therefore, I enjoy designing across an array of clients and organizations. It makes each day very different, interesting, and fun.

What keeps you at TC?

As someone who has been at TC for several years, what keeps me here is the people I work with, the difference I make with my clients and my work, and the flexibility I’m given to successfully do my job. It’s easy and fun to do your job when you work with incredible, brilliant people.

What is your typical TC day like?

A typical day for me always starts with coffee, of course. Then I dive right in because I’m most productive in the morning. I tend to start work around 7:30-8am and I work through my schedule for that day with the different projects I have across the board. Mondays are a big meeting day and then the rest of the day is pretty much heads-down design work with a few syncs sprinkled in. During the week, I typically participate in 2-3 client-facing meetings, along with internal check-ins or catch-ups. Since I am part of the Visual Design team, which consists of a large cohort of designers and visual consultants, we operate a little bit differently from the rest of our colleagues. I have about 5-7 different clients that I get the opportunity to work with, which makes my day-to-day very different and exciting.

In what ways have you grown since being at TC?

In addition to being promoted within TC, I’ve grown in my graphic design skills and public speaking by having the opportunity to facilitate client meetings and internal meetings. I’m a very outgoing, social person, but public speaking has always been challenging for me since I was young. I have definitely been able to branch out from that fear and grow an important voice in consulting. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect, and being able to practice speaking and consulting over the years in both internal and client meetings has made me more comfortable teaching and advising on graphic design. I’ve also become a mentor over the years, as the size of our Visual Consulting team has tripled since I joined TC. It’s a pleasure helping more junior graphic designers open up and learn new skills and talents.

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