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Network Analysis

Leaders often rely upon delineated processes and formal structures, such as reporting lines and defined teams, when guiding their organizations; however, those formal structures only take an organization so far.

In many instances, the informal networks which run through organizations (e.g., mentor relationships, groups built around common interests, friends who meet for coffee) are just as powerful when it comes to achieving objectives; however, these networks are often difficult to see, let alone quantify. As a result, leaders often lack crucial insight into their own organizations which could help them more efficiently realize desired outcomes.

What is Network Analysis?

Using The Clearing’s proprietary DISCERN™ tool, we help leaders understand the informal relationships critical to their organization. By identifying how individuals and groups relate to one another, where key brokers or influencers exist and making intentional choices about how to best leverage their organization’s networks, leaders are better positioned to address a range of topics.

DISCERN™ may help when:

  • Identifying and scaling pockets of innovation
  • Assessing and managing insider threats
  • Improving onboarding and inclusion of new personnel
  • Identifying emerging leaders
  • Managing change initiatives
  • Promoting integration after a merger or acquisition
  • Improving knowledge management
  • Enhancing internal communication
  • Designing physical workplace layouts

The Network Analysis Process

Define the Purpose: We work with leaders to choose the specific purpose for how to use informal network data to help their organization.
Data Collection: We deploy a network survey across relevant parts of the organization and collect other relevant data to paint a picture of your team’s networks. Throughout this process, The Clearing balances several key principles, including: Transparency; Engagement; Privacy; and Data Security.
Design and Implement Activities: We share the network data emerging from the survey back to key leaders in the form of visualizations and metrics. Our experts work with those leaders and other designated staff to understand the informal dynamics at play and what activities will help address the identified purpose.
Evaluate: We conduct a follow-up network survey to examine what has changed following the implementation of the recommended activities.