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Idea to Impact®

Our proprietary Idea to Impact (i2i)®  methodology is a flexible tool for organizations that seek support in resolving complex challenges by prioritizing the fewest, most important initiatives to tackle. This three-step, people-first approach to problem solving is grounded in understanding an organization’s customers with an eye on the future.

We help deliver results through three phases:
Align & Design, Build & Empower, and Acknowledge & Sustain
while grounding the effort in the voice of your most critical customers.

We apply i2i®  in service of achieving an organization’s long-term vision and meaningful outcomes. The flexibility inherent to this approach allows our consultants to help people and their organizations shift quickly and thoroughly. In this way, clients prepare for the future while keeping the voice of the customer at the center of the decision-making process.

Our consultants can support a team or organization through any phase of i2i®; rather than requiring that you start over at step one, we flex to meet you where you are today. We recognize that social complexity and organizational culture are powerful forces that can derail any transformation — or bring outcomes to fruition. With i2i®, we focus on our client’s culture, group dynamics, and the people involved to ensure positive results.