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Resilience in the Time of COVID

A federal agency proactively addressed staff health and wellbeing in the wake of new obstacles brought on by COVID-19. We facilitated open discussions about working conditions in the age of COVID and provided trainings to help employees thrive in uncertain times.


COVID-19 brought on significant disruption to how we work, engage with others, and our collective wellbeing. A large federal agency chose to thoughtfully respond to the impacts of mandatory telework on the health and wellbeing of their people. In a completely virtual environment, we led a series of conversations about prioritizing wellness and how to thrive during times of uncertainty.

During the initial discovery phase, we encountered individuals experiencing burnout, heard about teams struggling to communicate and work together virtually, and saw signs that the agency was beginning to fall short in executing critical tasks.


We created a safe space for this agency to hold open conversations around the state of their working conditions and explore how to build a culture of resilience through community and better communication practices.

Our culture experts designed a series of discussions and training sessions in service of outfitting the agency with the tools and alignment needed to help employees adjust and manage uncertain times.


As a result of these small but intentional culture shifts, the agency has moved past survival mode and entered into a sustainable place where it can plan and grow. After our time together, session participants scored themselves at 4.6 out of 5 in feeling more equipped to navigate key areas such as wellness, mindfulness, resilience, and teleworking. In addition, client representatives for this work were nominated for a “COVID Impact Award” due to the reception and results of the resilience sessions.

Everyone at The Clearing has been open, empathetic, helpful, and patient. In our virtual world, it is nice to have interactions that can help us grow professionally and personally.