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Setting a New Standard for Government Mobility

A federal agency needed to reduce their overall physical footprint and enable staff mobility with telework policies and procedures. We implemented a tailored communications plan to keep affected employees informed and engaged.


A federal agency with more than 1,000 employees and contractors reduced their physical footprint by 37,000 square feet, collapsing two leases into a single location. To accommodate the reduction in office space, the agency needed help implementing new mobility and telework policies and procedures to support new ways of working.


We partnered with the agency to develop and implement a tailored communications and stakeholder engagement plan. The plan educated and prepared staff on the impact of upcoming renovations and associated shifts in ways of working. We engaged stakeholders and staff, led critical decision-making sessions, and developed strategic communications materials. The agency quickly realized the workplace initiative provided an opportunity to create a more cohesive and collaborative work environment, supported by tools and new practices that positively impacted the agency’s ability to achieve its mission.


Our support helped the agency enact key cultural and behavioral shifts to facilitate a new, more collaborative way of working. We implemented employee-focused engagement practices that foster commitment, ownership, and promote shifts in behaviors across all levels. This allows staff to maintain their focus on fulfilling the agency’s mission instead of getting distracted by the change around them.

The agency reduced overhead (saving a tremendous amount of taxpayer dollars) and were successful in setting a new standard for government mobility. The investment in the space, tools, and processes created new ways for staff to interact, share ideas, and innovate in service of achieving the agency’s mission.

The Clearing team was easily accessible and available, offering seamless, agile communications support and delivering strong consultative services without getting lost in jargon. The team wasn’t afraid to challenge ideas, and to continuously focus and modify the approach to ensure team efforts aligned with our goals and priorities.