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Building an Inclusive Culture

A federal agency needed to fix a toxic culture after receiving poor results from a congressional oversight investigation. We’ve embarked on a five-year plan to help them build and maintain a safe and inclusive workplace.


A federal agency received results from a congressional oversight investigation indicating they were operating in a toxic organizational culture. It was noticeably impacting employee wellbeing, reducing retention, and contributing to their failure to meet stakeholder needs. We partnered with this agency to uncover how they can thrive by focusing on employee wellbeing and building a people-centered culture.


The foundational steps to fixing a toxic culture are to name the underlying mindsets, behaviors, and ways of being and ensure that people at all levels of the organization are engaged in the process of reshaping it. This “people buy-in” approach is the key to effecting culture change and creating a transformation that sticks.

We worked with this organization’s leadership to establish alignment on the current and desired culture, created a communications and engagement plan for helping staff live into the culture, and developed a training curriculum that supports leaders guiding cultural transformation.


A desired culture is not achieved overnight. With The Clearing’s help, this agency is undergoing a five-year effort to build an inclusive and safe culture supported by data-backed policies, processes, and practices. We continue to work with this organization to create an environment that facilitates a great place to work for employees and drives the best experience for its customers.

The Clearing has assisted the agency in developing clarity on multiple aspects of culture and organizational development. They have been able to help us identify blind spots so that appropriate and relevant planning can take place for the highest level of efficiency and to produce successful outcomes.