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A day in the life of Robyn Klem



Director of Visual Consulting

Time at the clearing:

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Empathy is my superpower, and design is my passion. Growing up the daughter of a scientist and an art teacher has created a unique blend of curiosities that continue to surprise and inspire me. I have always enjoyed exploring and finding connections in unlikely places. My mind is like a sponge; I am always absorbing and bringing these various perspectives back into the work and our teams to form stronger and more meaningful connections between the experiences we create and the people they serve. I am proud to work for a company that fosters and encourages this exploration, with a focus on the human at the center of our visual strategy and product development. Leading a team of talented visual experts and collaborating to evolve our visual approach has helped us to empower, engage, and impact our communities in significant ways. When I’m not creating, I make sure to carve out plenty of space for the unknown. Old and new relationships are an integral part of who I am. I love being in nature, cooking, traveling, spending time with my dog, Indy, and most importantly my family and friends. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive and Graphic Design from Moravian College and hold a Certificate of Customer Experience from the University of Richmond.

My Typical Day: