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I enjoy creating jobs and finding ways to creatively solve problems. Over the past 25 years, I have had the honor to help start three businesses that have hired hundreds of people in aggregate. I keep in touch with many that have “graduated” over the years to start their own companies, go into government, or numerous other reasons. It is humbling to hear about what they are doing now and to think that, in some small way, I was a part of their journey. I also enjoy finding ways to see challenges in different ways, to find the root cause, and to create a solution that may not be obvious. This is a facet of my life inside and outside of work. I get great satisfaction out of putting parts together in non-traditional ways to fix or improve aspects of my home. I get similar satisfaction in helping a colleague, business partner, or customer find a creative way to rethink a challenge they are having. A colleague once told me that there is a big difference between solving a problem and managing a difficulty, and that each requires a different way of thinking and different tools. I apply that logic to every situation I encounter, which makes the process that much more interesting to me. Over the past 11 years with The Clearing, I have witnessed periods of rapid growth, watched our amazing consultants deliver truly consequential results for our customers, seen the resilience of our company as we weathered major disruptions in our customer base, including a global pandemic, civil unrest, and personal tragedies. It is nothing short of inspirational to be a part of such an amazing community! The belief that we have the ability to help everyone that we interact with to live their best lives — while also having some fun along the way — makes me resolute in why The Clearing exists and fills me with endless pride and humility.

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