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Senior Principal

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As a Senior Principal within our Workplace Practice, I am deeply committed to guiding organizations toward sustained success by prioritizing their most valuable asset during periods of workplace transformation: their people. Whether orchestrating relocations, renovations, or mobility initiatives, I leverage my extensive expertise in engagement and group facilitation to harmonize the essential elements of people, space, process/policy, and technology in a manner that authentically reflects each organization’s unique culture. What truly ignites my passion is witnessing the initial moments when employees step into their new environment, observing their reactions and aiding them in navigating this transition. With 16 years dedicated to refining my communication, facilitation, and stakeholder engagement skills, I derive immense satisfaction from spearheading positive change and fostering enriching experiences for individuals within every organization I serve. From my humble beginnings as a "Director of First Impressions" (a receptionist) to my current role as a senior member of The Clearing, my mission remains unwavering: to brighten at least one person's day every day. My educational journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, complemented by a Master of Arts in International Relations from London Metropolitan University. Beyond my professional endeavors at The Clearing, you'll often find me immersing myself in the vibrant culture of Washington, D.C., whether enjoying live music at a concert or festival, exploring the city's eclectic art galleries and breweries, or indulging in my passion for knitting, embroidering, or quilting in the comfort of my home.

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