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I’m proud to be one of the first members of The Clearing, joining the firm in 2009 when we were just a small group of people with a desire to make a difference and have fun. Today, our firm has grown significantly, and those values remain the same. I have loved my years growing the firm and today focus on ensuring exceptional and efficient delivery across our portfolio of accounts. As a Director, I focus on the performance and profitability of our largest accounts. As a member of The Clearing’s leadership team, I manage operations and am closely involved in staffing and hiring, process improvement and efficiency, and profitability and financials. I contribute to the development, implementation, and communication of company strategy and financial plans and provide leadership, coaching, and mentorship to project teams. During my 20+ years in consulting, I have truly enjoyed working with senior leaders and executives who are committed to making a positive impact in their organizations. I have utilized my expertise in leadership development, stakeholder alignment, and culture transformation with a variety of customers including the Federal Aviation Administration, General Services Administration, Departments of Defense, State, Commerce, and Homeland Security, and the City of Boston’s Office of Homeland Security. In addition to my government consulting work, I have worked directly with private industry in the United States, Australia, and Japan in a range of verticals including Automotive, Higher Education, and Tourism. I live in Washington, D.C., with my Aussie-American husband of 20 years, our three kids, and our zoo of rescue animals, including a Great Dane, cat, three turtles, two guinea pigs, and a fish named Bruce. When I’m not shuttling kids to soccer practice and play dates, you’ll find me with a glass of wine on a neighbor’s porch. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, hold a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management from The George Washington University, and am an executive coach certified in the Leadership Circle Profile, Manager Edition, and Culture Survey.

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