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Senior Advisor

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In my role as a Senior Advisor, I bring 20 years of specialized global expertise in both the public and private sectors bridging the theory and practice of conflict analysis and resolution, strategy and operationalization, bilateral and multilateral negotiations, targeted training and programming, advanced research and data analysis, and the processes driving institutional and social change within corporate, government, military, and interreligious contexts. My portfolio ranges from stabilizing team dynamics and building peak performance entities in Fortune 100 multinationals and government agencies, to mediating policy disputes between countries, to being tapped to lead the first sanctioned team of high-level conflict and negotiation specialists into ISIS-controlled Iraq. My work is currently being used by the UN’s Security Council and the International Criminal Court to assist in the prosecution of captured ISIS leadership and fighters. I’ve additionally developed proprietary analytics and IP that have assessed and brought to resolution a wide range of cross-sector problems, constraints, and bottlenecks in over 40 countries. I’ve authored three books, over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, and chapters in edited volumes, and multiple policy reports and recommendations. I continue my academic endeavors as an affiliate researcher at the University of St. Andrews’ School of Psychology and Neuroscience; and have been a guest lecturer at over 35 universities around the world. Prior to joining The Clearing, I founded a nonprofit focused on bridging opposing worldviews and an international conflict mitigation consulting firm; as well as holding positions as a high-level advisor and project-lead at the Obama White House and the UN. Although I no longer have the athletic ability to compete as I once did as a Division I student-athlete in baseball, I love spending my free time golfing, exploring new countries with my family, and hoping it’s not another 108 years until the next Cubs World Series title. I have a B.A. in Applied Psychology (Human Development) from the University of Illinois Chicago, an M.A. in Urban Studies (Social Change) from Eastern University, and a Ph.D. in Contextual Studies (Traumatic Memories, Reconciliation, and Religion) from the University of St. Andrews.

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