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The Clearing Announces Retirement of Founder and Board Chairman

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2021  — The Clearing announced today that Christopher J. McGoff retired from The Clearing’s Board of Directors effective December 9, 2020. He is also retired as an employee of The Clearing, effective December 17, 2020. McGoff stepped down to pursue other interests.

The founder of The Clearing, Chris McGoff has long been a pillar of the firm. He established the company’s core IP in his first book, The Primes, How Any Group Can Solve Any Problem (John Wiley & Sons publisher). His speaking career created new opportunities for The Clearing to make an impact across federal and commercial clients who were “daring great things” and “having the moral courage to take a stand for real outcomes.” In his second book, Match in the Root Cellar: How You Can Spark a Peak Performance Culture (ForbesBooks publisher), McGoff outlined the three ways of being and seven principles for unleashing the untapped potential of an organization. Through his words, the cultural values of The Clearing were fortified: We believe in, inspire, and outfit people to have meaningful lives and to make extraordinary contributions to causes that matter.

John Miller, Co-Founder of The Clearing, has been elected Chairman of the Board. Miller said of McGoff’s legacy:

Over 13 years ago, Chris founded The Clearing as a place for leaders to step away from the noise and chaos of the day to day and into a safe and protected space where they could sit alongside experts to reframe themselves and their work to take meaningful action on the causes that matter most. From the beginning of operations in 2009, the company has delivered excellent value to hundreds of customers and has provided a platform for growth and opportunity for our employees. All the while, Chris has stayed in the front lines of marketing, sales and delivery, intellectual property creation, and of developing our talented employees in the work. As Board Chairman, he continually challenged the company’s leaders to dare greatly. He raised tough questions and set a high bar for our reach.

Tara Carcillo, CEO at The Clearing, was elected to join the Board as a Director. Carcillo states, “We are honored to have had such a founder and leader for our firm. McGoff’s confidence in our team to carry this company forward is humbling. The people at The Clearing are forever grateful for the many gifts he continues to give the world through this community. We look forward to the next phase of our partnership.”

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