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Leadership Lessons from Neuroscience Announced

The Clearing & FutureWorxs Present Innovative Neuroscience-Based Executive Training

WASHINGTON, Aug. 9, 2023 — The Clearing has announced the launch of an innovative executive leadership training Masterclass: The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas. Created in partnership with FutureWorxs and neuroscientist Dr. John Medina, the Masterclass helps organizations build more effective leaders through an evidence-based training approach focused on how the brain functions in a high-information environment.

Research has shown that organizational leaders struggle with a variety of challenges in the modern workplace:

  • Cross-functional team leadership
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Empathy and diversity
  • Intergenerational leadership
  • Strategy and mission
  • Preparing for the future

The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas uses the latest scientific understanding of human brain development and mental health to prepare leaders with more human-centered tools and mechanisms to manage complexity and guide teams to success in an uncertain world.

The Brain Science of Leadership in the Age of Ideas is built on the work of neuroscientist Dr. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist with a background in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research related to mental health. Doctor Medina’s work has included work with public officials, business and medical professionals, school boards, military audiences and nonprofit leaders to help these organizations optimize team and leadership performance via an evidence-based approach.

“This Masterclass is an incredible opportunity to understand how our mental wiring affects our leadership decisions,” said Tara Carcillo, CEO of the Clearing. “All too often we spend too much time on system and process and not enough on the human beings who are doing that work. The Brain Science of Leadership closes that gap.”

The partnership unites FutureWorxs’ expertise in delivering world-class learning experiences with The Clearing’s human-centered approach to change and transformation. Together, FutureWorxs and The Clearing have created a powerful learning experience that equips leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to optimize human potential in the new world of work.

For more information, contact Aubrey Waldock, Director of Marketing, at 202.558.6499 or

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FutureWorxs is a Future of Work business consultancy that utilizes peer-reviewed behavioral science to transform organizations. Our evidence-based insights and cutting-edge tools help leaders unlock human potential, maximize collaboration, foster ground-breaking ideas and facilitate the creation of innovative solutions.

Our consulting strategies and business solutions are informed by key insights from Dr. Medina’s New Lecture Series entitled “Brain Science and the Future of Work”. Dr. Medina is the author of “Brain Rules” an international best-selling book that has been translated into 35 languages.