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The challenges of leadership are growing more complex each day.  Trust The Clearing to deliver the right solutions.

The Clearing helps government and commercial leaders build strategy, manage change, and solve complex challenges as efficiently as possible. Our management consultants develop empowering, sustainable solutions to large-scale initiatives involving customer experience improvement, digital transformation, workplace change, organizational culture, and more.

CX Spark
CX Spark™
The Clearing’s CX Maturity Assessment
Achieve your organization’s CX goals and objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness with CX Spark™.

CX Spark™ allows leaders to benchmark their organization’s current CX maturity level across the five most important, research-based areas of focus for CX success. With this on-demand tool, you'll gain invaluable insights that inform every aspect of your CX operations, including suggested high-impact, quick wins that will improve the organization’s CX efforts.

I have never worked with an organization that has had such a lasting and residual effect on my team.

SES, Department of Defense

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Thought Leadership 6 minute read
Aubrey Waldock ∙ 12.04.2023 The Price is Right: How The Clearing Helped a Large Federal Agency Create a Modern Purchasing System The Clearing helped agency leaders harness the power of their purchasing data to tell a story of savings as they created a modern acquisition program...
Customer Experience
Thought Leadership 4 minute read
Tim Rund ∙ 11.17.2023 Tim’s Takeaways: ACT-IAC Imagine Nation ELC ACT-IAC’s Imagine Nation ELC brought the government technology community together to discuss critical tech issues facing the government and how...
Customer Experience

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