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The challenges of leadership are growing more complex each day.  Trust The Clearing to deliver the right solutions.

The Clearing helps government and commercial leaders build strategy, manage change, and solve complex challenges as efficiently as possible. Our management consultants develop empowering, sustainable solutions to large-scale initiatives involving customer experience improvement, digital transformation, workplace change, organizational culture, and more.

Customer Persona
Customer Persona Building
at The Clearing
Achieve your organization’s goals and objectives with greater efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging The Clearing’s Customer Persona templates.

The Clearing’s Customer Persona templates allow you to create realistic representations of your stakeholders, narrowing in on your target audience's motivations, behaviors, and pain points. With this customizable tool, you'll gain invaluable insights that inform every aspect of your business or agency’s operations.

I have never worked with an organization that has had such a lasting and residual effect on my team.

SES, Department of Defense

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Thought Leadership 7 minute read
Cori Phillips ∙ 09.13.2023 Power Mapping: A Primer Power Mapping is a tool we use to analyze the networks and power dynamics that make organizations tick and how they can be used to achieve...
Strategy Leadership Culture
Thought Leadership 7 minute read
Clifton Johnson ∙ 09.12.2023 Mini-Workshops: A New Way to Learn for Time-Crunched Teams The Clearing’s Mini-Workshop Series helps to build the capacity of our clients to address organizational challenges by offering models and...

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