How we think is what makes us different and contributes to our approach in tackling technically and socially complex problems. Visualization, analytical and creative thinking, focus on the fewest, most important outcomes, the PRIMES, and our Idea to Impact (i2i) methodology are what sets us apart in tackling socially complex problems.

Seeing a problem leads to understanding it

When a group is able to visualize a problem, it creates a shared perspective and is the first step to achieving organizational alignment. We use visuals to model systems, map social dynamics, simplify complex concepts, and communicate strategic, financial, and transformation efforts. Everything we do incorporates an element of visualization and design.

There is a right brain way to solve problems…and a left

Traditional project management tools and methods are not enough to take on tough problems. Our approach to problem solving includes a powerful blend of analytical and creative skills from diverse fields: business, government, finance, engineering, design, and the arts.

Focus is essential

A consistent theme among those leaders and groups who achieve their outcomes is focus. These leaders do everything about the fewest, most important initiatives versus doing a little bit about everything. Leaders who take on too much rarely succeed.

The Primes

Our Framework for Problem Solving

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Our Approach to Problem Solving

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