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Shared Services Readiness Assessment 

The successful adoption of a shared services business model rests on culture, where the interaction between people, process and technology become visible.

Using our Shared Services Readiness Assessment, we invite you to look at key functions of your organization to assess its readiness to adopt a shared services business model. There are no right or wrong answers, this is simply an opportunity to reflect and spark conversation.

This assessment can be taken individually or with your team and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. You can also complete any section in any order. Don't overthink on any one question, we've found that first hunches are typically the right ones. When you have finished the assessment think about what surprised you in your responses.

Vision & Strategy

The vision for the organization and the strategy to achieve that vision is supported by leadership accountability and commitment. Begin now.

Talent Management

The utilization of strategic human resource planning to improve business value and enable organizations to achieve their goals. Begin now.


Structure and process implemented to ensure stakeholder and customer partnership in executing joint accountabilities. Begin now.

Organizational Behavior

The explicit and implicit actions and perspectives taken or held by the employees of an organization that drive how individuals and groups within the organization work together. Begin now

Brand Value

Brand value is defined by the strength of consumer demand for a particular brand relevant to a consumer's awareness, attitude, functional beliefs, and imagery. Brand value leads to brand strength and consumer loyalty. Begin now.

Process Execution

Guiding principles for effective and efficient execution of organizational products and services consistent with customer expectations. Begin now


The processes that ensure financial goals and return on investment deliver organizational goals. Begin now

Enabling Technology

Enabling technology effectively increases the performance and the capabilities of the organization. It is most effective when integrated across the organization, optimizes data sharing, and is a key component in the IT life cycle replacement plan. Begin now

The Clearing’s View of Shared Services

A key tenet in the Shared Services business model is that supported partners have the freedom to more fully focus on their core mission. The successful adoption of a Shared Services Business Model rests on culture, where the interaction between people, process and technology become visible.

This assessment represents our best current thinking on shared services. As we continue to iterate this tool, we are interested in your experience and thoughts to improve our thinking. Feel free to reach out to us at