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A day in the life of Meghan Rixey




Senior Consultant

Time at the clearing:

5 years

I grew up in Cabin John, MD, right outside of Washington, D.C. Before coming back to the city to join The Clearing full-time, I attended college at the University of Pittsburgh and spent my summers working at an Outdoor Education Camp in Colorado. Those summers taught me the value of true leadership, resilience, and a deep sense of curiosity, which I think translated nicely into my professional career. When I’m not working, I’m spending as much time as possible outside — hanging out with friends, hiking, running, surfing, or snowboarding — and most recently working towards my master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

My Typical Day:

  • Right now, I support one major project and a few small efforts, so most of my time is dedicated to my primary client in the Department of Defense. As a Senior Consultant, I spend most of my time running lanes of the work with the support of my Project Lead, as well as helping to manage the finances and set the direction for our client efforts.

  • I try to start my day by doing something for myself —usually getting a workout in or just taking some time to enjoy my coffee. I'll typically check in with my project team, respond to emails, and map out my to-dos for the rest of the day before diving into the work. As a Senior Consultant, I help my Project Lead manage parts of the account so it's always helpful to check in first thing in the morning to see what's going on — especially now that we're fully remote.

  • Most days are full of client meetings where we’re reviewing the work, discussing opportunities, and gathering inputs for the future of the project. By late afternoon most meetings have ended, so I’m typically using this time to address any actions that came up during the day and put some heads-down time into deliverables and content that needs to be created.

  • I'm an early-morning person, so by the evening I try to be finished with my client work and leave some time to respond again to any last emails or administrative work that needs to be done before logging off for the day.