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A day in the life of Chris Dietz



Senior Manager for Technology and Digital Services

Time at the clearing:

0 years

As The Clearing’s Senior Manager for Technology and Digital Services, I am responsible for identifying and deploying the right technology to support the firm’s strategic needs and to maintain the security and integrity of our infrastructure. I explore how to execute our mission and deliver the greatest value to our clients by leveraging the best available tools and creating an environment that enables our teams to be productive and innovative anywhere in the world. Most of all, I ensure that our staff is well-versed and comfortable with our systems and tools, ensuring a seamless experience for both project teams and clients. Prior to The Clearing, I worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as the Operations Manager for the WTC Health Program, supervising the team responsible for enrolling and managing care for the first responders for the September 11 attacks. Prior to that, I was a police officer in the New York City Police Department for nearly five years and bring a strong sense of service to all of the work that I do. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Connecticut College and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

My Typical Day: