Run Effective Meetings with is a free, interactive website that shares tools and methods that will help put an end to unproductive meetings. The website provides users with straightforward tutorials on how to engage, motivate, and lead others in meetings using powerful, proven techniques. MeetingPRIMES is an intuitive means for any audience, from C-suite executives, to mid-level managers, to the next generation of rising leaders, to organize and execute a successful meeting.

Team members from The Clearing and Safe Harbor Consulting gathered their decades of experience in meeting facilitation and design to create this tool. In addition to easy-to-use universal tips and cautions, MeetingPRIMES identifies four unique meeting types that are seen across all organizations.

  • INFORM share information and have a productive conversation on a topic, issue, or event for future reference.
  • EDUCATE – teach groups in a way that inspires action.
  • BRAINSTORM break free of the status quo and challenge your team to think of creative, non-obvious options.
  • DECIDE use a group’s collective wisdom to determine a path forward.



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