As architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms begin to recover after years of operating in the face of tough economic headwinds, the opportunities for growth and expansion are significant. As the economy gains steam and as customers demand more rapid and less expensive service, many firms have embarked on growth strategies through merger and acquisitions. The challenge of integrating cultures and operations is paramount to the ultimate success of the transaction, for firms that range from a founder and handful of employees to companies with nationwide operations.

The Clearing serves companies across the spectrum of the dynamic A&E environment. Our experienced professionals help:

  • Firms undergoing M&A’s reach peak levels of performance by working with them to understand and manage the socially complex environments in which they operate. We work to clearly define the desired culture, identify any significant differences in the organizational landscape of the two companies, and design and communicate the intended culture.
  • Develop and execute growth strategies.
  • Prioritize and implement the fewest, most important initiatives that will propel the firm to the next level of growth.
  • Work with executives and middle-managers to become powerful and effective leaders in every circumstance.

Recent examples of our work