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Four Shared Services Myths Impacting Government Efficiency

Blog, Shared Services
By Stephen Woodring

The concept of shared services has garnered a lot of attention recently by appearing in executive orders, mandates, and legislation issued by the current and previous administrations. However, this idea still causes apprehension throughout the government, and concerns about the impact of shared services on effectiveness persist across government agencies. Although the transition to the […]

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The Future of Workplace Transformation Relies on Employee Engagement

Blog, Workplace
By Tara Carcillo

Last month, I participated on a workplace conference panel to discuss change management and workplace transformation. At The Clearing, we believe change management is a necessary component of successfully undergoing workplace initiatives, but at the conference it became apparent that this is still a relatively new concept. “Wait, this is a service?” and “How does […]

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How to Turn Failure into an Asset

Blog, Leadership
By Tara Carcillo

My father has often reminded me that I, “cannot change the past, so just move on.” In principle, I agree… and yet, the past can have a real grip on me, and on the leaders I have the privilege of working with across the country. This is visible when team members feel compelled to recount […]


IT Mod Trailblazers: Insights from Leaders Undergoing Transformation

Blog, Leadership
By Yasmeen Burns and Alyssa Smith

What is IT Modernization, or IT Mod? Why are government agencies and other organizations investing so much time and energy into it? How do I get started on IT Mod efforts? These are just some of the questions we hear from leaders embarking on the journey to update their outdated legacy business software and systems. […]

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Driving Your Desired Culture through Workplace Design

Blog, Culture, Workplace
By Rebecca Gaynor

Interested in changing or influencing your organizational culture, but unsure of where to begin? You’re not alone. We often hear from leaders just like you who are not clear on how to get started, but there is a way you can begin taking small steps to positively transform your culture today. Through our work at […]

Two Best Practices to Maximize Shared Services Efforts

Blog, Business
By Erin Sherman

A key component of the Shared Services business model that is often overlooked is the mentality that accompanies the act of sharing. Consider examples of sharing in your personal life, and the inherent benefits of sharing, both to yourself and those with whom we share. You may share a home-cooked dinner with family members to increase efficiency […]

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An Event Recap of Strike the Match: A Culture Conversation

Blog, Culture
By Eliot Johnson

On May 2nd, The Clearing hosted the first in a series of conversations about culture in the workplace. In our inaugural event, Strike the Match, we talked about how to drive a peak performance culture, and challenged the audience to consider two important questions: What are the levers for peak performance, and where is your […]

Four Barriers to Creating Your Desired Workplace Culture (and How to Overcome Them)

Blog, Workplace
By Rebecca Gaynor

“I want my organization to be more collaborative.” “I want to reduce organizational silos and improve performance.” “I want an innovative culture.” “I want people to truly embody our organizational identity and culture in the work they do.” Sound familiar? We hear statements like these a lot from our clients at The Clearing. Often, they […]