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Understanding Diverse Perspectives and Other Lessons from Work Better Day

Blog, Workplace
By Kelly Barlow

I’m always on the hunt for opportunities to engage in conversations that broaden my perspective and challenge my assumptions. Most recently, I found just such an opportunity in DC at the Work Better Day conference, “an experience-driven event, bringing together curious minds, visionary thinkers, innovators, and change-makers.” The Work Better Day experience centered on three […]

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Back to School: Four Questions to Consider when Establishing or Updating Your Organization’s Learning and Development Program

Blog, Ideas
By Liz Glodek, EdD

As August closes and September begins, summer holidays wrap up and, if you’re lucky, you have one last vacation ahead before returning to regularly scheduled programming. For some, the 2018-2019 school year means sending a child off to kindergarten or college. Others are embarking on their own educational path, returning to school to finish a […]

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IT Mod Trailblazers Chapter 1: Just Get Started, featuring Rob Klopp

Blog, Leadership
By Yasmeen Burns

As we mentioned in our inaugural IT Modernization blog, IT Mod is a large organizational, financial, and cultural commitment. It can feel like an insurmountable task to steer your company in this new direction. Leaders we work with on IT Mod efforts often ask, “Where do I begin?” The simple answer? Just get started—and figure […]

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Fostering Diversity and Inclusion at The Clearing

Blog, Culture
By Sama Goldstein and Hans Manzke

A diverse and inclusive workplace is an empowering and impact-driven workplace where individuals can strive toward becoming the best version of themselves. At The Clearing, we believe that our teams can and should reflect a wide range of demographics, and must, at minimum, reflect the diverse demographic and cultural fabric of the community of clients […]

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How to Maximize Your Organization’s Strategic Planning Process

Blog, Business
By Regina Perkins

Strategic planning is a fundamental necessity for sustained growth in both public and private institutions. But historically, it was a cyclical process. All too often, the process of strategic planning entailed a group of managers locking themselves in a room to draft a detailed and overly ambitious document that outlined a 5-10-year plan, which was […]

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What You Consider a Whisper May Land Like a Shout–Instead, Get Curious

Blog, Leadership
By Tara Carcillo

The gift of leading from the top of an organization is perspective. As President of The Clearing, I am granted access to a material amount of information, which is often presented in conjunction with other leaders’ insight. This enables me, and other senior leaders like me, to combine information with insight and the context essential […]

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First Steps to Developing a Shared Services Strategy

Blog, Shared Services
By Erin Sherman

What is shared services–and how can I get started with leveraging a shared-services business model in my organization? If you are asking yourself these questions, you are not alone. At The Clearing, we work with leaders who struggle to determine whether shared services would benefit their organization, and, if so, how to realize those benefits. […]

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Four Shared Services Myths Impacting Government Efficiency

Blog, Shared Services
By Stephen Woodring

The concept of shared services has garnered a lot of attention recently by appearing in executive orders, mandates, and legislation issued by the current and previous administrations. However, this idea still causes apprehension throughout the government, and concerns about the impact of shared services on effectiveness persist across government agencies. Although the transition to the […]

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