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Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams

Blog, Culture
By Alex Stevens

For a full list of resources and toolkits, check out our COVID-19 response page. – Humans are naturally social beings. As we find ourselves sheltering in-place and socially distancing in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve, many of us are struggling with the sudden shift from daily in-person interactions to screen based communication. Without our […]

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Cancel, Postpone, or Virtual: How to Make the Best Decision for Your Organization During COVID-19

Blog, Culture
By Alex Stevens

For a full list of resources and toolkits, check out our COVID-19 response page. – Rapid movement to mandatory telework and the increase of event cancelations or postponements leave leaders in a difficult position: How do I successfully preserve the continuity of operations while respecting the wellbeing of staff operating in a fully remote environment? […]

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The Complexities of Being Your Authentic Self at Work

By Alex Stevens

At The Clearing, we promote bringing your whole, authentic self into the workplace. This is a wonderful concept and, in reality, it is a complex concept to navigate. Our ability to feel comfortable in bringing our whole selves to work can be affected by who we are, how we look, and our dating preferences –  […]

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Three Ways to Build Trust in Your Organization’s Culture

By Shkan Woodruff

Trust is earned when actions meet words – Chris Butler  At The Clearing, we believe company culture goes beyond nitro coffee bars and ping pong tables. A ping pong table is an amenity; its presence doesn’t equate to a positive or outcome-oriented company culture.  Trust, not office amenities, is the foundation for strong teams and […]

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Harnessing Flow to Drive Outcomes

By Hans Manzke

Remember back to a time when you focused on a particular task so wholly that time melted away. Upon the wildly successful completion of said task, you snapped back to yourself only to realize that the sun had set, your belly was clamoring for cheese fries, and you had 71 unread messages on the group […]

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How to Embody Intentional Leadership

By Morgan Peterson

Leaders who operate “intentionally” act with purpose, forethought, and authenticity in service of achieving sustainable and equitable outcomes. These leaders recognize their attitudes and behaviors set the weather for their teams every day—their presence is their impact. For self-aware leaders, this is a powerful truth that can be harnessed to benefit the team. For the […]


The Importance of Mobility in the Modern Workplace

By Kelly Barlow

The first DC snowfall is a wonderful reminder of the importance of mobility in the modern workplace. A mobile work environment empowers the workforce to make decisions that prioritize their safety and wellbeing while enabling mission-critical activities to continue. The workforce can decide to commute early to avoid traffic and dangerous road conditions or work […]

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Four Shifts Employees Can Make to Transition to Flexible Spaces

Blog, Workplace
By Kelsey Patterson

Given the amount of time employees spend at work, it’s easy for individuals to grow attached to their personal workspaces. As businesses across the country trend towards open concept designs with fewer enclosed spaces, employees are increasingly encouraged to find areas outside of their personal workstation or office to conduct business. A 2019 Gensler Research […]