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Resilience and How Leaders Navigate Disruptions

Culture, Leadership, Resilience
By Anna-Ruth Beckman, Jason Miller, & Sharon Benjamin

It can be lonely as a leader, especially right now during times of unprecedented disruption. Leaders must make decisions that sometimes only they can make. This includes knowing what to communicate, how to attend to teams’ needs that can vary so vastly, which strategies to employ, and how to plan for the long-term.  In this […]

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Making Proactive Shifts During a Crisis

By Magdy Mansour

For a full list of resources and toolkits, check out our COVID-19 response page. – There is no doubt the effects of COVID-19 and the ensuing social isolation and movement restrictions have surprised and shocked people everywhere. While we have led and managed through ambiguity in the past, we are living in unique times with […]

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Customer Experience Myths #1: CX Can’t be Quantified

Customer Experience
By Lindsey Ryan

Every organization exists and evolves because we, as customers, see value in our lives. In the broadest sense, a customer is anyone who interacts with an organization whether they are an employee, paying for a product/service, or simply seeking information. CX captures the full spectrum of interactions a customer has with an organization across their […]

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Create a Work Environment at Home

By Kelly Barlow

For a full list of resources and toolkits, check out our COVID-19 response page. – When The Clearing made the choice to institute mandatory telework in the wake of COVID-19, I was very anxious about staying productive in a 100% remote environment. I am no stranger to mobility, I work from a variety of locations(my […]

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Leading From Afar: Three Leadership Principles Emerging from COVID-19

By Sean Follin

For a full list of resources and toolkits, check out our COVID-19 response page. – As our world continues to grapple with what’s happening around us, everyone, including leaders, struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving conditions. At The Clearing, we have the pleasure of working with leaders across the public and private sectors. As […]

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To Women Leaders Everywhere: Prioritize Intergenerational Collaboration

By Morgan Peterson

In 2018, women held more than half of management roles in the workforce but remained grossly underrepresented in the top tiers of leadership.* Women earn advanced degrees at a higher rate* but still only earn 80% of what their male counterparts make.* Today, five generations of women coexist in the workplace. Each generation, shaped by […]

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I’m An Effective Leader. Why Don’t I Have Answers?

By Jonathan Spector

For a full list of resources and toolkits, check out our COVID-19 response page. – Two weeks ago, as many people in the US were just starting to make their personal shift in recognizing the severity of the COVID-19 crisis, I had a virtual meeting scheduled with one of our consulting teams. We opened the […]

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Welcome to Customer Experience MythBusters!

Customer Experience
By Yasmeen Burns

At The Clearing, we have the privilege of working with leaders of organizations of all shapes and sizes who are transforming into customer-centric powerhouses. Customer Experience or CX is a buzzword that is popping up all over the place. What do we mean when we say CX? Is it a trend or is it here […]