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Embracing Modernization – Change Management for IT Services

By Chris Dietz

New and innovative technologies regularly impact the way we live our lives and do our work. Often, these changes occur at break-neck speeds. Take smartphones: over the past five years the number of Americans who own a smartphone has risen from about half to over 75% and the capabilities they put in the palm of […]

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IT Mod Trailblazers Chapter 1: Just Get Started, featuring Rob Klopp

Blog, Leadership
By Yasmeen Burns

As we mentioned in our inaugural IT Modernization blog, IT Mod is a large organizational, financial, and cultural commitment. It can feel like an insurmountable task to steer your company in this new direction. Leaders we work with on IT Mod efforts often ask, “Where do I begin?” The simple answer? Just get started—and figure […]

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How Organizations are Using Technology to Solve Business Problems


Successful companies have begun to recognize that a strong investment in technology can lead to better business outcomes. According to a study by Investment News, financially successful firms allocate 11.3% of their resources to technology, compared to 9.4% for all other firms. Specifically, technology is most commonly being leveraged to solve complex business problems related […]

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