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How to Maximize Your Organization’s Strategic Planning Process

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By Regina Perkins

Strategic planning is a fundamental necessity for sustained growth in both public and private institutions. But historically, it was a cyclical process. All too often, the process of strategic planning entailed a group of managers locking themselves in a room to draft a detailed and overly ambitious document that outlined a 5-10-year plan, which was […]

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Why Creating a Successful Company Requires You to Go Beyond the Entrepreneurial Mindset

By Chris McGoff

‘”And it is my pleasure to introduce Chris McGoff. Chris is …” As a professional speaker, I hear myself introduced all the time. My host usually reads an introduction that I wrote, so I was surprised by my negative reaction when I was recently introduced as a serial entrepreneur. It wasn’t the first time that […]

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Breaking Down Change Management: Responsibilities for Employees at Every Level


Numerous studies have shown that humans are hardwired to resist change, making organizational change an uncomfortable process. Whether the change is a new organization-wide policy, a new software integration, or a merger with another company, employees will be required to spend time and effort shedding old habits and learning new processes before making progress. Failure […]

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Six Pitfalls to Gaining Organizational Alignment and How to Overcome Them


From ambitious start-ups to government agencies to mature corporations, there is a critical element that is often overlooked: organizational alignment. It’s the glue that connects leadership and employees, the organization and its customers, and strategy to the mission. An aligned organization is more agile and responsive to changes in the operating environment and is able […]

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