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Love Him or Hate Him, Tom Brady Has Mastered Performance and Here’s What We Can Learn From Him

By Sean Follin

Full disclosure — I’m not a sports guy. Don’t get me wrong, I play sports and lots of them. I just ended my fast-pitch baseball career last year, after all. However, Bud Light would never cast me in their chest-bumping-bowl-of-Utz-Party-Mix-spilling Sunday afternoon commercials. I just can’t get fired up about it. That said, Super Bowl […]

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Six Steps For a Successful Leadership Transition

By Ron Ivey

For anyone transitioning into a leadership position, the first 180 days are critical for your long-term success. I have worked with numerous leaders who have navigated the difficult waters of leadership transition and set their organizations on a path to high performance. In our ebook, High Performance Leadership: Skills You Need to Succeed and Critical Mistakes to […]

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