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How to Embrace an Agile Culture at Your Organization

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By Alex Perrin and Darby O'Connor

With the uncertainty of changing customer needs, an increasingly diverse workforce, and a barrage of new technology, organizations must constantly adapt to meet evolving market demands. Successful organizations will recognize and address the need to maximize constrained resources while increasing value and impact to their customers. This has led modern organizations to jump on the […]

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Strategic Leadership Tips to Expedite Collaborative Decision-Making

By Chris Jackson

Collaboration is a critical aspect to any successful company. It is a source of competitive advantage in most industries where organizations that promote more collaborative efforts are rewarded with greater outcomes. Opportunities to plan strategies, focus priorities, and organize responses continue to rise across companies. However, having more collaborative meetings does not mean they are […]

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Actionable Advice To Increase Employee Engagement


When employees are engaged, morale and productivity increase along with higher overall business performance. While most leaders understand the importance of employee engagement, many struggle with how to successfully engage their employees. According to a Gallup study, 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work. This universal lack of employee engagement is a serious […]

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Four Things Nobody Tells Leaders: Part 2


In our last post, Four Things Nobody Tells Leaders: Part 1, we examined four unanticipated difficulties that leaders face, and how THE PRIMES can help manage them. In case you need a refresher, THE PRIMES are frameworks for recognizing universal patterns of group behavior that can be used to effectively communicate and solve problems. In […]

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Six Steps For a Successful Leadership Transition

By Ron Ivey

For anyone transitioning into a leadership position, the first 180 days are critical for your long-term success. I have worked with numerous leaders who have navigated the difficult waters of leadership transition and set their organizations on a path to high performance. In our ebook, High Performance Leadership: Skills You Need to Succeed and Critical Mistakes to […]

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