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Four Tips for Prioritizing Your People in a Workplace Change

By Kelly Barlow

Looking at a price tag for a workplace relocation or renovation can be scary: rent, space design, construction, movers, technology, furniture, swing space. It adds up, and when it does, the immediate response is to look for cost savings: Can we make workstations smaller to fit into a reduced footprint? Do we really need 10 […]

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Embracing Modernization – Change Management for IT Services

By Chris Dietz

New and innovative technologies regularly impact the way we live our lives and do our work. Often, these changes occur at break-neck speeds. Take smartphones: over the past five years the number of Americans who own a smartphone has risen from about half to over 75% and the capabilities they put in the palm of […]

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How to Successfully Navigate the Challenges of Agile Transformation

Blog, Culture
By Alex Perrin and Darby O'Connor

In part one of this blog series about Agile transformation, we discussed the key principles underlying an organizational culture that will support this shift. Before undertaking an organizational transformation it is critical is to ensure the organization is ready and willing to do what is necessary to make the appropriate shifts. This is especially true […]

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The Future of Workplace Transformation Relies on Employee Engagement

Blog, Workplace
By Tara Carcillo

Last month, I participated on a workplace conference panel to discuss change management and workplace transformation. At The Clearing, we believe change management is a necessary component of successfully undergoing workplace initiatives, but at the conference it became apparent that this is still a relatively new concept. “Wait, this is a service?” and “How does […]

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IT Mod Trailblazers: Insights from Leaders Undergoing Transformation

Blog, Leadership
By Yasmeen Burns and Alyssa Smith

What is IT Modernization, or IT Mod? Why are government agencies and other organizations investing so much time and energy into it? How do I get started on IT Mod efforts? These are just some of the questions we hear from leaders embarking on the journey to update their outdated legacy business software and systems. […]

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Two Best Practices to Maximize Shared Services Efforts

Blog, Business
By Erin Sherman

A key component of the Shared Services business model that is often overlooked is the mentality that accompanies the act of sharing. Consider examples of sharing in your personal life, and the inherent benefits of sharing, both to yourself and those with whom we share. You may share a home-cooked dinner with family members to increase efficiency […]

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USAF’s Human-Centric Approach to Problem Solving

By Travis Wright

The United States Air Force (USAF) has recently made innovative moves under the leadership of Secretary Heather Wilson–taking an outside-the-box approach to solving some of the vexing challenges that the service continues to face. Necessity is often the mother of invention, and service leadership is getting creative in addressing challenges… in some cases, revisiting concepts, […]

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Change Management in the Federal Workplace


Government agencies deal with a wide range of challenges – adapting to new technology, adjusting to new leadership and regulations, and dealing with a variety of employee issues like training and retention. Government agencies can use change management best practices to more successfully address challenges like these, while boosting employee morale. Change management can motivate […]

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