A Partnership To Evolve Shared Services

Washington, D.C., August 18, 2016 – The Clearing, Inc., a leading DC-based management consulting firm, and the Shared Services Leadership Coalition (SSLC), a non-profit coalition created to accelerate shared services in the federal government, today announced a partnership. The partnership will help to educate the community and the Federal Government on the benefits of shared services business models.

Federal shared services has the potential to create enormous tax-dollar savings and operational efficiencies while providing more consistency and transparency. On May 4, 2016, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) signed a memo formalizing existing shared services initiatives to encourage federal agencies to implement shared services business models for standard administrative operations such as human resources, finance, and acquisition management. This memo was followed by the release of a shared services playbook, Modernization and Migration Management (M3), and “is a framework designed to help the government achieve successful outcomes and reduce risk during administrative system and/or service modernizations and migrations.”

The Clearing has deep roots in the Washington, DC community and understands the need for shared services and how economies of scale, scope, and place can benefit many. The Clearing views shared services as a way of creating strategic advantages and not just as a cost-savings mechanism. Shared services offers process simplification and best practice deployment, allowing government agencies and commercial organizations to focus on their core missions. As such, The Clearing is strengthening its subject matter expertise and its involvement in an initiative that will have lasting implications on the public and private sectors.

“We are honored to join the shared services movement and to support leaders in transformation efforts that will allow organizations to better focus on their mission,” said Tara Carcillo, President and CEO of The Clearing. “We see an opportunity for these leaders to blend the voice of their customers with the strategic concepts brought to bear by federal shared services experts embedded across sectors. Customers and the art of strategy execution are the keys to evolving shared services across the federal landscape.”

The SSLC is a non-profit coalition of companies, nonprofits, and individuals providing educational and government relations support for legislation to accelerate shared services implementation in the federal government. The SSLC advocates that the federal government should accelerate implementation of modernized Shared Service business models to reduce costs and improve performance of common administrative and mission support functions on behalf of the public interest in competent, cost-effective, 21st century government.


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