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Three Ways to Build Trust in Your Organization’s Culture

By Shkan Woodruff

Trust is earned when actions meet words – Chris Butler  At The Clearing, we believe company culture goes beyond nitro coffee bars and ping pong tables. A ping pong table is an amenity; its presence doesn’t equate to a positive or outcome-oriented company culture.  Trust, not office amenities, is the foundation for strong teams and […]

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How to Maximize Your Organization’s Strategic Planning Process

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By Regina Perkins

Strategic planning is a fundamental necessity for sustained growth in both public and private institutions. But historically, it was a cyclical process. All too often, the process of strategic planning entailed a group of managers locking themselves in a room to draft a detailed and overly ambitious document that outlined a 5-10-year plan, which was […]

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Two Best Practices to Maximize Shared Services Efforts

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By Erin Sherman

A key component of the Shared Services business model that is often overlooked is the mentality that accompanies the act of sharing. Consider examples of sharing in your personal life, and the inherent benefits of sharing, both to yourself and those with whom we share. You may share a home-cooked dinner with family members to increase efficiency […]

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The Link between Physical Workplace and Organizational Culture (and Why It’s Important)

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By Rebecca Gaynor

Search for “culture in the workplace” books on, and you will receive over 7,000 results. Culture is a huge topic of interest for anyone passionate about the success of their organization, and at The Clearing, we’ve made culture our business. But why is culture important? Research shows that organizations with “good” cultures outperform their […]

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6 Best Practices to Facilitate Successful Meetings [Part 2]

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By Tara Carcillo

In part one of this two-part blog series, “Nine Best Practices to Design Meetings that Produce Results”, we touched on the importance of having a designated facilitator to lead meetings. Meeting facilitation is the process of designing and running a successful meeting of the minds, and the management of a process to meet the goals […]

Introducing an Interactive Website to Help You Lead More Effective Meetings and Deliver Results

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By Jennifer Rosa

Some fun facts about meetings – courtesy of a blog on LinkedIn: Every day, there are 11 million business meetings in the US, and 50% of these meetings are deemed a waste of time Most professionals spend 62 hours per month in meetings Most employees feel they waste 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings, almost one full week […]

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