The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has forever changed the practice of medicine in the U.S. and the way health systems operate. Under pressure from issues such as pay for performance, changing technologies, rapidly accelerating costs, and imbalanced access to treatment, organizations across the entire spectrum of care are reevaluating how to successfully serve patients.

The foundational changes in the marketplace have forced healthcare providers to focus more heavily on patient engagement, key staff retention, physician profitability, and competition from retail healthcare providers. Furthermore, healthcare providers are focusing more than ever on how to measure success across the continuum of care in a large integrated fiscal delivery system.

The Clearing healthcare consultants assist organizations across the healthcare spectrum navigate through the uncertainty. Together, we work to:

  • Become clear on how they can create and sustain significant value.
  • Understand the transformative shift of the role of the consumer in healthcare.
  • Effectively communicate their value proposition to the various stakeholders in the healthcare system.
  • Take advantage of the rapid advances in medical science.
  • Assist agencies with the difficult task of delivering access to treatment for millions of people and the subsequent organizational and infrastructure requirements to meet this effort.

Recent examples of our work