Financial Services

The past decade has been tumultuous for financial services organizations around the world. Almost all have been affected by the turbulence that has rocked the industry. Firms have had to persist through the corrections in the market and asset prices. Regulators turned their attention from a more laissez-faire approach to one of tighter control over capital reserves and risk profiles, while governments around the world stepped in to shore up the industry. These factors, coupled with more tepid consumer spending, had many institutions focused on holding their ground rather than on growth and expansion.

As the pressure has eased in many markets, financial organizations are searching for opportunities while still keeping a watchful eye towards the future. The Clearing assists financial services institutions in this time of uncertainty, opportunity, and transition by helping companies:

  • Remain focused on the fewest, most important initiatives that drive growth and profitability.
  • Create and sustain high performance cultures that can tolerate and thrive in uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Execute decisions quickly and implement with speed and clarity to keep up with ever-changing market demands, evolving regulatory requirements, and shifting consumer loyalties.
  • Integrate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions in a rapidly consolidating industry, focusing specifically on the successful integration of cultures and business practices.

Recent examples of our work