We stand for racial equality, social justice, and for creating opportunity for all communities to thrive.

The Clearing resoundingly and unequivocally condemns violence against all people, including broader racial violence, and the systemic racism against Black, Indigenous, and people of color that plagues our country. We aspire to be a leader in building an inclusive, anti-racist culture and promoting equitable solutions for our employees, our clients, our partners, and our community.

As a diverse collection of humans whose purpose is to make extraordinary contributions to causes that matter, we are deeply committed to being a champion and driver for change that brings freedom, equality, and social justice in our country.

In a time where it feels critical that we not only speak about change, but act on it as well, we actively work to incorporate our values and stance into everything we do. We make our stated culture come to life by turning our values and beliefs into action. We commit to doing the work: here are the moves we are making…

Moves We Are Making:
Our Commitments & Actions

What Did We Do?

Engaged in a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Organizational Assessment

Initiated a firmwide DEI organizational assessment with a third-party vendor to inform our commitments and strategy for 2020 and beyond. We believe we must do the work ourselves if we are going to be responsive to our clients who choose to do the same and influence real change in our country.

Established a DEI Team
Established an internal DEI Tiger Team to initiate and develop communications, actively assess vendors for our organizational assessment, and begin to activate our commitments.
Established Connected Forums
Hosted small group conversations to provide our employees with a safe space to reflect and unpack their reactions to the events of the deplorable acts of racism in our country and how that has impacted our people.
Launched a
Blog Series
Established a blog series called “Our Voices”, intended to elevate and amplify the voices in our community, celebrate our unique differences, and commemorate key dates that are meaningful to our fellow team members. The moments, recognitions, and monthly celebrations to date have been: Pride, Remembering Representative John Lewis, Patriot Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, Holidays, and International Holocust Remembrance Day.
Made Community Investment
Launched a donation-matching program to amplify the voluntary financial contributions that The Clearing staff are making to anti-racist and social justice organizations.
Executed Cultural Campaigns and Events
Shared family stories and experiences throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, including a delicious virtual cooking lesson organized by some of our very own employees. Celebrated Black History Month through a series of communications commemorating the amazing accomplishments of Black Americans and those of African descent, culminating in a Family Reunion event.
Expanded How We Honor and Acknowledge Individuals’ Sense of Family
Launched The Clearing Family Cookbook to invite greater transparency into employees’ memories of family and food traditions.

Moves We Are Making:
Our Commitments & Actions

What is Next?

Complete DEI Organizational Assessment
Complete our assessment to evolve our DEI priorities, activate our Equity Strategy Action Plan, and inform how we will continue to make a measurable impact on our staff, clients, community, and partners.
Continue to Embed DEI Habits, Practices, and Principles into our Culture
As a result of our DEI Organizational Assessment, identify the critical priorities to focus on over the next year (and beyond) in service of infusing DEI into how we operate and grow our business.
Continue Inclusive Recruitment Process
Refine recruitment goals and success measures to effectively attract, engage, assess, and hire diverse talent to drive organizational growth and impact.
Continue to Elevate Intentional Customer Delivery
Continue to integrate DEI into our culture transformation approach, design how our customers have courageous conversations with their employees, and deliver diversity and depth of experience to broaden clients’ perspectives with a focus on action and real change.

United We Stand.


To Our Staff

Our Commitment
We will create and embrace a diverse, inclusive, and supportive work environment where all have the opportunity to thrive.

To Our Clients

Our Commitment
We will serve as a partner to clients and a force for solving the problems that exist and arise as a result of systemic racism.

To Our Partners

Our Commitment
We will stand in solidarity with partners to fight against racism across our systems.

To Our Community

Our Commitment
We will serve as a voice in the community as a force for solving the problems that exist and arise as a result of systemic racism.