The Clearing’s training program empowers participants to lead powerfully as individuals — strengthening their ability to manage complexity and competing priorities, guiding teams towards success, shifting high performers toward leadership roles, and much more. Our curriculum has evolved over the past ten years of high impact work with over 600 senior leaders across a variety of industries.

Our Trainings are:

Experiential — each of our modules reinforces theory with specially designed activities that allow participants to experience concepts in action.


Grounded in real-life — adult learning is most effective when it is immediately applied to real-world examples and events; our trainings go beyond theory by incorporating and applying the learning to real events and situations in real-time.


Accessible to all levels — our classes are designed to meet learners where they are in order to unleash individual strengths and talents.


Available virtually — as needed, we deliver trainings in live Webinars accessible to learners wherever they are, engaging them using a variety of tools and virtual facilitation techniques.


For full course descriptions and pricing please see our online course guide