In a crowded market place, it’s more important than ever to deliver the right message to the right audience. The Clearing works with clients to understand their customer and stakeholder needs and then create clear, compelling messaging and visuals as part of a comprehensive communications plan. Through our full-service strategic communication and marketing services, we message, brand, and transform the customer experience so that transformative results are the norm. Our strategic communications consultants offer expertise in:


We work with clients to develop customer-focused operational and Customer Strategy and Marketing Servicesmarketing strategies, using an approach that captures the “voice of the customer.” Through customer interviews, focus groups, and market research, The Clearing helps clients better understand market dynamics and customers’ perceptions, real experiences, and inherent needs. Using this information, we design strategies to address customer needs – often through the redesign of an organization’s business operations, products, or services. We pair these structural and functional strategies with targeted marketing materials grounded in a deep understanding of the customer.


All of The Clearing’s engagements are characterized by compelling visuals,Communications and Graphic Design which are critical to our communication and engagement efforts. Our communication experts and graphic designers have extensive experience in reducing complicated, technical narratives into simple, easy-to-digest, visual products that can be integrated across communication mediums, including tablet applications, websites, animations, and traditional briefings and reports. Our deliverables have been used on client websites, in publications, and in White House briefings.


Effective branding is about forming a committed relationship with your the-clearing-_-strategic-comms_brand-assessment-identityaudience and keeping them loyal to you. Our design consultants work with clients to develop a deep understanding of customer perceptions, experiences, and needs. All of this information is incorporated into powerful presentations of an organization’s value proposition and brand. We work to develop a verbal and visual identity, as well as a brand voice and standards. Through story telling and visual designs, we help our clients beautifully and simply communicate how their products and services will exceed customer needs and reveal what the brand stands for.


The best way to enroll stakeholders in an initiative or problem-solving Stakeholder and Customer Engagementeffort is to give them the opportunity to make an impact and create shared experience of value. We facilitate ongoing collaboration between our clients and their customers and stakeholders to integrate them into the process. When stakeholders have a voice in the project, the project has a much greater chance of long term, sustained success.

We begin the project with an assessment of who the critical stakeholders and customers are, and how the initiative will affect each group differently. The data from our stakeholder assessments informs a plan for engaging and collaborating with stakeholders and customers. We work together with our clients to determine the most appropriate messaging for each group, how to handle customer resistance, the best forums for engaging with customers, and the cadence of communication. This comprehensive outreach campaign exponentially increases the adoption of the initiative.


Our company was built and continues to grow on the foundation of our Coalition Building Community Engagementexpertise in, and deep passion for engaging, enrolling, and aligning individuals who must come together to cause meaningful, impactful outcomes. Community initiatives are not about processes. They’re about people – citizens, municipal staff, commission members, business owners, and community association members finding a pathway to shared value.

We partner with our clients and their community stakeholders to create an environment where fragmented “accidental adversaries” can come together to build powerful coalitions aimed at realizing a common purpose. To achieve success, we determine the most effective messaging for each distinct group, the most appropriate forums for engaging with the community, how to manage resistance, and the cadence of communication.