When considering management consulting services or selecting a management consulting firm, you want someone to truly understand the challenges you face. You want someone who will think in new and creative ways about your issue and not just provide a generic solution that is often too complicated to implement. You need real results.

The Clearing’s consultants have years of proven experience providing impactful, innovative, and cost effective services that generate real results. We specialize in strategy, change management, culture transformation, and leadership training and development.

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I'm in charge of a runaway project that keeps increasing in cost and scope.

The weight of the status quo can be crippling. And large, overwhelming plans can seem impossible to tackle. Focusing on the fewest, most important initiatives required will allow you to reach your outcome. Keeping the project on track requires an explicit, scalable, and agile management construct to ensure effective implementation.

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I am now managing more people. I need to become a better leader.

Effective leaders have a natural instinct of the significance of behavior in performance. Emotional intelligence, the ability to have difficult conversations that lead to effective results, being able to create vision, stability, and hope in times of turbulence are all skills that leaders must acquire.

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I don’t have buy-in for my initiative and it’s starting to derail.

Creating buy-in from key stakeholders is critical for empowering groups to take on an initiative or a transformation effort. A successful framework for groups to create alignment and buy-in, contains three main components: shared perspective, shared intent, and coordinated action.

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The market has changed and we haven’t kept up. It’s hurting performance.

Leaders need clarity around the problem and become aligned on where they need to go and how to get there. Fragmentation and conflicting agendas or priorities often prohibit progress. More importantly, team members might not understand what’s at stake if progress is not made.

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Our communication with our stakeholders and customers is muddled and is not having the impact we wanted.

A lack of a cohesive and compelling message leaves stakeholders and customers lost in a swirl of confusion. It is often a result of overlapping messaging and conflicting communication strategies set forward in a 24-hour media cycle.

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My diverse stakeholder groups are not unified around the issues facing the organization.

Stakeholders often think their perspective is the right one and with so much information available, it’s hard to sort through it all. Stakeholders become fragmented and inadvertently can become “accidental adversaries.” What’s needed is a shared perspective of the problem, so your team can move forward.

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I’m not sure how to know if my new initiative is successful.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Leaders need to measure actual value and not just the activities for an initiative or project. Return on Investment or Return on Value analysis can measure results for projects that do or do not have clear-cut costs and benefits.

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I have so much going on and I don’t know how to focus on the most important issues.

Focus is critical. A consistent theme among those leaders and groups who achieve their outcomes is focus. These leaders do everything about the fewest, most important initiatives versus doing a little bit about everything. Leaders who take on too much rarely succeed.

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We just went through a merger. I’m not sure how to integrate the cultures.

Studies conducted on the outcome of M&As show that 90% of them have reached historically distressing levels of failure, with rates as high as 90%, with the majority of these failures due to disparities in organizational cultures. It is critical role for companies to make organizational and cultural alignment a critical part of an M&A plan, along with financial and operational considerations.

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I need my employees to take more accountability for completing their work and actions.

Accountability is created by the culture of an organization. Culture is the line a group draws between the behaviors it tolerates and even encourages, and the behaviors that it does not tolerate. If substandard performance is permitted, those behaviors will continue.

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