In the current political and media environment, industry associations are challenged to break through and engage with distracted audiences. Associations must communicate complex information rapidly to audiences who are overloaded with information and have limited attention spans. Traditional forms of policy communications cannot keep up in the face of volatile political landscapes, 24-hour media cycles, and increasing demands for total transparency.

In addition, a lack of understanding and acceptance of industry approaches to risk management leads to unnecessary political, legal, and regulatory risk for member companies. These unaddressed social expectations for corporate responsibility are fundamentally affecting industry operations and investment.

The Clearing has extensive experience working with various industry associations to solve these challenges, providing leaders with assistance to:

  • Create shared value, save member resources, and conserve association funds by managing joint industry projects that solve common industry challenges
  • Align industry members on critical issues, audiences, and communication strategies
  • Develop tailored but synchronized messaging that allows members of the association to seamlessly communicate various industry matters to federal, state, and local governments as well as other stakeholders
  • Distill complex technical industry information into engaging infographics, animations, and stories to engage with non-industry and non-traditional audiences
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement interviews and meetings to gain the “social license to operate” from local communities

Recent examples of our work