Aerospace & Defense

In recent years, the reduction in budgets at defense departments around the world continues to transform the competitive landscape in the aerospace and defense industry. Many customers are now stipulating that their programs must operate in the realm of “better, faster, and cheaper.” In this tumultuous business environment, costly defense systems that lack innovation, are overpriced, or encounter sizeable cost overruns and delays are in jeopardy.

Notwithstanding the reduction in defense spending, opportunities for expansive growth are available for those who can take advantage of the new reality. The Clearing’s approach in aerospace and defense assists leaders as they:

  • Choose strategic paths to prevent operating under the difficult scenario of escalating costs and declining demand
  • Create products and services at various price points across the value chain not only to weather the storm, but also to uncover opportunity among the shifting defense program budgets
  • Adapt to the path of best value and innovation by revamping operating models and product economics
  • Clearly articulate the value proposition of the organization’s products and services

Recent examples of our work