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How M-17-22 Will Impact Shared Services and Potentially Shift Thinking in the Federal Government

By Travis Wright

Recently, The Clearing’s, Travis Wright, spent an afternoon with Jd Walter, the Director of Customer Relationship Management at the Program Support Center (PSC) within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). During their discussion, Jd shared his thoughts on how M-17-22 and other recent mandates will impact shared services and potentially shift thinking in the federal […]

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The Most Critical Factor to Achieving Shared Services Customer Satisfaction

By Jeff Kemmerer

For a shared services provider of products or services, the ultimate judge of quality and value is the customer. Traditionally, customer satisfaction has been seen as one of those intangible attributes that doesn’t always fit neatly into a measurable key performance indicator; as such, many shared services providers may not take the time to assess […]

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Transforming to a Shared Services Model – The Hershey Company’s Journey

By John Potts, Jeff Kemmerer, and Tim Rund

Organizations can now streamline processes, stay connected regardless of location, and through technology, can maximize resources on a global scale. Technology’s rapid innovation and adoption cycles  has a direct impact on how organizations manage lines of business and ultimately, transform the way we define shared services.   One such example was the transformation of The […]